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Saxophonist, Bassist, Composer, Producer

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About Me


  After recording his first studio album in 2017, Jake Brown moved from Oregon to California to continue the development of his music career. Jake has been a practicing musician for 16 years, and has spent much of that time working to master his first love, the saxophone. Additionally, Jake has spent many hours honing his skills on piano, bass, guitar, drums, music production and theory 



Jake has years of experience playing music in front of a live audience. Striving to always deliver, Jake’s performances are highly entertaining, engaging and expertly delivered. Jake values the synergy of audience and performer and can read a room to create a bond with the listener.



Jake’s major influences include saxophone players such as Joshua Redman, Chris Potter, Bob Reynolds, guitar players like John Scofield, Pat Metheny and Pat Martino and Piano players such as Chick Corea and Samuel Ascher-Weiss. Pulling from the historical sounds of classic jazz standards and funk, Jake pushes the envelope by blending elements of modern composition into his playing. In addition to his live performance, Jake enjoys writing his own music and compositions. Jake has a natural talent for being able to inject mood and sense of place into his pieces, drawing from his extensive listening of composers from film and video game backgrounds. 

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